Did you know that mental health stigma remains a significant barrier in many African countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya? Despite increasing awareness and efforts to promote mental well-being, outdated beliefs and cultural taboos continue to hinder progress. In these communities, seeking help for mental health issues is often viewed as a sign of weakness or even a Western concept that is shunned. As a result, many individuals suffer in silence, fearing judgement and discrimination.

At Trova, we are committed to changing this narrative and fostering a culture of openness and acceptance around mental health. To shed more light on this critical issue, we spoke with Bara Wiwa, a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Bara works with individuals, families, and couples struggling with mental health issues, addiction, trauma, and more.

Reflecting on the mental health stigma in Nigeria, Bara noted,

She emphasised the importance of balancing spirituality with professional mental health care.

Despite these challenges, Bara sees a growing awareness of mental health.

Navigating cultural stigmas requires patience and understanding. Bara shared her approach:

Platforms like Trova play a vital role in this process.

Let’s work together to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for mental health care in African communities and beyond. 

Bara Wiwa- Clinical Psychologist
Bara is a psychologist/psychotherapist, working with individuals, families and couples struggling with mental health issues, addiction, trauma and more based in Lagos, Nigeria.
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