Trova For Practitioners

Everything You Need for a
Thriving Practice

Simplify Your

Automate essential processes like appointment scheduling and automated notifications, ensuring more time for direct client care and less on routine tasks.

Automated Invoicing
and Payments

Streamline your financial operations by automating invoices for insurance reimbursement and offering direct online payments from clients, making your practice’s financials much easier.

Reduced Administrative

Let our platform take care of the heavy lifting with automated billing, scheduling and electronic client notes, minimizing errors.

Enhanced Local

Stay up-to-date effortlessly with local health regulations through our system’s automatic adaptations, providing peace of mind.

Trova For Companies

Expand Your Health Operations Worldwide

Global Reach,
Local Precision

Expand your operations with a platform that adjusts to regional healthcare regulations, currency, language, and localized payment collection.


Manage your enterprise health services through a single interface that supports diverse organizational needs and scales as you grow.

Leverage Cloud-Native

Maintain the highest level of security and compliance with our cloud-native infrastructure, ensuring your data is protected and your operations remain compliant.

Streamlined Data

Simplify data handling across regions, reducing overhead and enhancing efficiency in managing your health operations on a single platform.

Designed by Practitioners
for Global Impact

Trova is the brainchild of an international team of coaches and licensed providers, uniquely tailored to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.

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